Zedwork [1.10.2] Zurvival

Zurvival is a semi-vanilla, community Minecraft server. Unlike other servers, it is free from grief and thievery. We have zero-tolerance for players who ruin the game for others.
We just want to play, and share our world with other lovely people. ^_^

Zedwork [1.10.2] Latest Version Server

LVS is a pure vanilla server, no plugins will get in your way here. LVS is built on trust, any and all players who break that trust are quickly removed.
We are building our world together, collaborate on many community projects. We just wanna have fun ^_^

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  • Minecraft-MP.com
  • Minecraft-server-list.com
  • MC-Index.com
  • MinecraftServers.org

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  • Help Index
  • Land Claiming
  • Regions
  • Getting Around
  • Civilised PvP

The Help files

For information on Protecting yourself from griefing and thievery, moving about the world using Region Post and other such essentials.

Guardians are always happy to help, but they can be quite busy and may not be able to help right away.